Director’s Message

Our Director's Message

Dear Students,

Education is integral for the growth and development of an individual. The expectation from an educational institute is always about making the
society better for all and to bring out ones true potential in the service of mankind.  As an educationist, I strongly believe that:


means if foundation of the student is strong then he/she is the winner in any situation. “NEEV KA NIRMAN PAKKA HO, SAMARPAN SACHHA HO, AADHAAR MAJBOOT HO” Bhavisha Institute characterized by the belief that everyone in the institute are interconnected and this holistic vision embraces future with unwavering confidence in the ability to shape it and harness its potentialities. The striving is to imbue teaching and learning process with a unique blend of intellectual rigour.

  • Acquiring knowledge
  • Expertising and mastering on it and
  • Delivering it in proper way

Throughout my professional career and experience I have learnt that proper study in right direction in planned manner is essential for success in first attempt in CA and CS examinations. For getting success in CA and CS Examinations student have to study according to pattern of CA and CS institute. We try our best that we provide guidance according to CA and CS pattern.
Identifying deficiencies is as important as eliminating them. We try to identify the deficiencies of the students by our mock test series so that rectification can be made.
Past performance of the student is not important. An average student in past can perform best in present and future by planned and dedicated study confidently. We try to motivate him for better performance.
Proper efforts are appreciated and we make sure to encourage the students to aim for more and strive study in right direction.
Our Institute’s aim is to work towards success of every student. Basic thrust is to provide excellent study material & guidance to students in a personalized environment according to requirement of C.A. Institute.

With profound regards,
CA Jitendra Jain
BHAVISHA Institute


Why Choose Our Institution

Scholarship Facility

We provide scholarship to the needy students if required.

Skilled Faculties

Our all Faculties are experienced and Skilled in their subjects

Researched Based Study

We have our own researched study techniques.

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